Helping you become your retirement DREAM

Redefining your ideal retirement

Supporting you as you transition from success to significance.

Seminars that inspire

For those about to retire or already in retirement, these seminars are designed to give you the tools to create an inspired vision for the next phase of your life. Powerful questions will guide you through the process of rediscovering your passion and purpose.


Diving deeper in a safe and supportive environment with like minded people- what could be better than that for anyone who is ready to grow? That’s what our retreats will provide, along with some delicious food and beautiful scenery to inspire you!

Individual coaching

Entering retirement represents a phase of life that is fraught with redefining identity, navigating changing relationships and finding a new focus. A coaching relationship will provide the opportunity for guided self-reflection and the creation of new possibilities. Living a meaningful retirement and mindfully creating a personal legacy are the desired outcomes of the coaching journey.

My story

Passionate. Purposeful. Partnership.
The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

I am an eternal optimist who believes to the core of my being in the unlimited potential within us all. Leaning on my personal strengths and experiences, I guide others to see the vision for their life. I have heard success defined as finding something you care about more than yourself, which in turn inspires you to take action to serve. In my life this is first and foremost my family- I love being a mom! I am also addicted to learning new things and find that I learn best when I share what I've learned (my kids have accused me of having a soapbox in the kitchen!). Giving back to the community is another source of bliss for me. I volunteer with several organizations and also sit on the Board of Directors of Families Matter. I invite you to connect with me so we can learn more about each other and explore working together.